Pho 24
747 S. Winchester Blvd, San Jose
5592-B Santa Teresa Blvd. San Jose

About Us



Pho 24 takes pride in providing customers with a unique cultural food experience, serving Vietnamese Southern-style phở and other dishes using fresh ingredients inspired by California’s agricultural heritage. Using all-natural ingredients, Pho 24 never uses any MSG.

About the Chef

Chef Luu remembers growing up in her parents’ kitchen, savoring the intensely flavorful, homemade Vietnamese dishes using the fresh ingredients and a variety of spices. She decided to recreate her rich food heritage by opening up her own restaurant down the street from Santana Row, a shopping district filled with global fashion brands. Her vision is to bring phở to the world and to make it a delicious, pleasant, and memorable experience.

Origin of Phở

The origin of phở is uncertain, and is mostly culled from oral histories. While a distinctly Vietnamese dish, phở has French and Chinese influences. Still, the consensus among academics, diners and restaurateurs is that it originated in the early 20th century in northern Vietnam. The specific place of origin appears to be southwest of Hanoi in Nam Dinh province, then a substantial textile market, where cooks sought to please both Vietnamese and French tastes. It was first sold by vendors from large boxes, until the first phở restaurant opened in the 1920s in Hanoi.

Possibly the earliest reference to phở in English was in the book Recipes of All Nations, edited by Countess Morphy in 1935. In the book, phở is described as “an Annamese soup held in high esteem… made with beef, a veal bone, onions, a bayleaf, salt, and pepper, and a small teaspoon of nuoc-mam.”

The Vietnamese arrived in waves to the United States beginning in 1975, bringing with them their hopes and dreams of a better life. They also brought their cultures and cuisine, of which phở has become the most popular among Americans. Today there are almost 2,800 phở restaurants spread across the United States and Canada.